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David JM. 
“Acción de la dietilamida del ácido d-lisérgico (LSD-25) en las neurosis obsesivas”. 
Semana méd.. 1960;117:1373,-1384.
The study presents 2 detailed tables summarizing the treatment of 16 cases with compulsive states (12 typical compulsive neuroses and 4 psychopaths with obsessioinal symptomatology) in men and women who at the beginning of the treatment (1954-1958) were 15-44 years old. . The first table gives the results of treatment which were obtained before the LSD period by various other methods (electroshock, sedatives, psychoanalysis etc.). . The second table comprises the results obtained in the same patients with LSD (50-100 mcg., 1-8 sessions): in 13 cases, the results were better than with previous treatments, in 3 cases they remained unchanged. The same table also reports the effect of subsequent psychotherapy (psychoanalysis, group psychotherapy etc.). The good results with LSD were not only maintained, but in some cases were improved upon. . The effect of LSD was also investigated by the Bender-Gestalt test. AB -
Notes # : also p.1399
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