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Jasmin G, Bois P. 
“Effect of various agents on the development of kidney infarcts in rats treated with serotonin”. 
Lab. Invest.. 1960;9:503-515.
In rats a single dose of 10 mg/100 Gm. body weight serotonin i.p. causes infarcts of the kidney (especially cortex) and maxillary gland as well as stomach ulcers and more seldom ischemic changes in the myocardium and in the eye (iris). . Comparative study of various drugs (in 10 rats each) of their protective effect against serotonin-induced renal ischemia showed that LSD (0.2 mg/100 Gm. s.c. 30 minutes before serotonin) and BOL-148 (1.0 mg/100 Gm. s.c. 30 minutes before serotonin) gave 1000rotection. Complete protection was also conferred by chlorpromazine, dibenamine, hydralazine and levopromazine and 900rotection (1 animal with mild lesions) with Sandostene-Calcium (5.0 mg/100 Gm. s.c. 6 hours before the serotonin injection). Pretreatment with reserpine (0.4 mg/100 Gm. or salicylates increased the ischemic effect of serotonin on the kidney.
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