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Berde B, Doepfner W, Cerletti A. 
“Ueber die Wirkungsdauer einiger Serotoninantagonisten. ”. 
Helvet. physiol.pharmacol.acta. 1960;18:537-544.

METHODS: 1) Rats received LSD (200 mcg/kg) or Sansert (80 mcg./kg) s.c. at various intervals. They were then sacrificed and the serotonin (5-HT) -sensitivity of the isolated uterus was determined. . 2) At various intervals before injection of 5-HT into the paw rats were given LSD, ALD-52 (1-acetyl-D- lysergic acid diethylamide), BOL-148 or Sansert i.v. whereby in each test 3 different doses were given and the dose (ED50) which caused a 50 0nhibition of edema was determined. .

RESULTS: 1) On the rat uterus the effect of LSD set in after 7 1/2 minutes, that of Sansert after 4 minutes. The LSD effect lasted up to 8 hours, that of Sansert gradually decreased after 2 hours. . 2) On the 5-HT-edema of the rat paw LSD and ALD-52 reached the maximum effect relatively slowly (after 1 hour) while Sansert and BOL-148 had a near maximum effect after only 15 minutes. The effect of all drugs fell relatively rapidly from the second hour on. After local injection into the paw (instead of i.v.) LSD had a maximum effect after 15 minutes. . The rapid onset and the long duration of the LSD effect on the uterus are in harmony with the findings of our laboratories on the distribution and excretion of labeled LSD after injection. The relatively slow development of the edema-inhibiting effect is probably due to the slow passage of the i.v. administered LSD into the connective tissue of the paw. The immediate efficacy after local injection excludes the possibility that the protection against 5-HT might result from a lengthy series of reactions. . (See 112, 126)
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