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Silverstein AB, Klee GD. 
“The effet of lysergic acid diethylamide on digit span”. 
J. Clin. exper. Psychopath.. 1960;21:11-14.
The authors investigated whether LSD in higher doses would significantly affect the performance of the digit span test, since a falling off in digit span is said to be one of the earliest indications of mental impairment. . The Memory Span subtest of the Wechsler Memory Scale was administered to 25 young volunteers before and one and one-half hours after they had ingested 2 mcg/kg of body weight (dosages from 145-155 mcg.) LSD in distilled water. With half the sample the conventional procedure was employed with the other half the modified procedure of Blackburn and Benton. . LSD caused significant impairment of digit span equally in both procedures. Correlations were calculated between scores obtained under control and drug condition which showed that the correlation coefficients were identical (0.32). . The authors see an organic disturbance of memory rather than the presence of anxiety as the factor underlying the reduction of performance.
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