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Friedhoff AJ, Abrams B. 
“Effect of glutamic acid and glutamine on the pyretogenic action of lysergic acid diethylamide”. 
J. Clin. Exper. Psychopath.. 1960;21:7-10.
The present study was done because Hoff and Arnold found that glutamic acid inhibits the psychic effect of LSD in man. (See 45) . Twelve rabbits were divided in 6 groups of 2. Each group was rotated through all (i.v.) treatments on 6 consecutive days until all 6 groups had received the same treatments. Group 1 was pretreated with a blank (normal saline) and the treatment consisted of the blank; group 2 was pretreated with L-glutamine, and then with a blank; group 3 was pretreated with L-glutamic acid, followed by treatment with the blank; group 4 received pretreatment with L-glutamine and LSD (1 mcg/kg); group 5 was pretreated with L-glutamic acid and LSD (1 mcg/kg) and group 6 was treated with the blank followed by treatment with LSD (1 mcg/kg). Rectal temperatures were taken prior to treatment and at 20 minute intervals for 60 miinutes. . The pyretogenic effect in rabbits treated with LSD was significantly greater than that in rabbits receiving control treatment. Pretreatment with glutamine inhibits the pyretogenic effect of LSD at 20, 40 and 60 minute intervals while glutamic acid produced marked inhibition only at the 60 minute interval. . The cause of the inhibitory effect of glutamine and glutamic acid on the pyretogenic effect of LSD is not known since these substances have no hypothermic effect. The inhibition seems to be the result of a specific interaction of the drugs with LSD possibly central (diencephalon).
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