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Dhawan BN. 
“Blockade of LSD-25 pyrexia by morphine”. 
Arch. internat. pharmacodyn.. 1960;127:307-313.
Acute Experiments: In rabbits 50 mcg/kg LSD i.m. produced pyrexia. After pretreatment with 5 mg/kg morphine i.m. which itself lowers temperature, the pyretogenic effect of LSD was markedly reduced. . Chronic experiments: 5 rabbits were given 10 mg/kg morphine i.m. daily for 7 days. In addition 50 mcg/kg LSD was injected i.m. on the first and seventh day. On the first day the pyretic response to LSD was suppressed while on the seventh day it was present again. . Effect of morphine on other types of pyrexia. The pyrexia produced in rabbits by typhus-paratyphus vaccine or dinitrophenol was less inhibited by morphine than LSD pyrexia. Dihydromorphinan (1 mg/kg i.m.) and dihydrohydroxycodeinone (5.0 mg/kg i.m.) also inhibit LSD pyrexia to a greater extent than the vaccineor dinitrophenol pyrexia. . According to these experiments the inhibitioin of LSD pyrexia does not depend only on its hypothermic effect but to some extent also on a specific antagonism.
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