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Gershon S, Olariu J. 
“JB-329, a new psychotomimetic. Its antagonism by tetrahydroaminacrin and its comparison with LSD, Mescaline and Sernyl.”. 
J. Neuropsychiat.. 1960;1:283-292.
Thirty mental hospital patients (schizophrenics, alcoholics and sociopaths) were given 0.2 mg/kg Ditran (JB- 329) i.m. (30 cases) or orally (14) or both orally and i.m. (6). In comparative study 9 patients were given orally 0.25 mg/kg Sernyl, 5 mg/kg Mescaline and 5 mcg/kg LSD at weekly intervals. LSD and Mescaline were tried in 13 patients. . After administration of Ditran autonomic reactions (e.g. dry mouth, nausea and vomiting) and psychological reactions (e.g. disorganization of thought, confusion and drowsiness, disturbance of perception) were observed. Six alcoholics with previous experience of delirium tremens reproduced this condition. Sociopaths did not respond in any specific manner. Two catatonics did not show a marked psychic response. In all schizophrenics central effects were observed. The endogenous psychotic picture could not be distinquished from that produced by the drug. Toxic effects: nausea (5 cases), vomiting (3). Three showed symptoms of acute cardiac failure including 1 severe case. Patients responded to LSD and Mescaline as reported in the literature. Following Sernyl, quiet underactive patients became stuporous, more active patients became extremely overactive and disturbed with violent restlessness. Autonomic effects observed most frequently were: after LSD and Mescaline nausea, vomiting, mydriasis, lacrimation; after Sernyl and Ditran dryness of mouth, muscular weakness, slurred speech. . Antidotes: Succinic acid was effective against LSD, Mescaline and Sernyl, but not against Ditran. T.H.A. (tetrahydroaminacrin, anticholinesterase, 60 mg. i.v.) was effective against Ditran but not against Sernyl. . The kaleidoscopic visual hallucinatory phenomena characteristic of LSD and Mescaline were not observed with Ditran. Schizophrenics given Ditran are unable to distinguish the drug induced psychosis from the endogenous disease. The intensity of effects produced by LSD and Mescaline was far less than is generally reported in literature. Sernyl produced by LSD and Mescaline was far less than is generally reported in literature. Sernyl produced behavioral changes which differ from those obtained with any of the other compounds.
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