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Fontana AE, de Álvarez de Toledo LG. 
“Psicoterapia de grupo y dietilamida del ácido lisérgico. Neuvas aportaciones. ”. 
Acta neuropsiquíat. argent.. 1960;6:68-71.
For a long time, the authors used the effect of LSD in removing inhibitions and memorizing suppressed experiences for individual psychoanalysis. Now they use LSD also in group therapy with good results; at the present time they practice with 12 groups, making a total of almost 100 patients. LSD is not administered in each weekly session. In LSD sessions one physician serves as psychotherapist, the other as observer, and so to say as second therapist. The patients must stay in the clinic 24 hours after administration of the drug. [No details are given regarding the administration of LSD. In individual analysis, on average, 100 mcg. were given, e.g. 4 times in 8 months.] . LSD is also recognized to be a valuable drug for group psychoanalysis, especially in psychopathy, hypochondria and conflict situations affecting young people. . (See 439, 439a)
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