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Machover K, Liebert R. 
“Human figure drawings of schizophrenic and normal adults”. 
A.M.A.Arch.gen.Psychiat.. 1960;3:139.
Human figure drawings were obtained from 18 schizophrenics (aged 23-47) and 18 normal adult subjects (aged 21-38) 3 hours after administration of LSD or a placebo. The doses for schizophrenics (100-200 mcg. LSD) were higher than for normal subjects (25-40 mcg. LSD) since the reaction threshold of schizophrenics to LSD is higher than that of normals. The male and female figure drawings were analyzed with regard to 28 significant graphic items. . The base drawings of schizophrenics compared with those of normal subjects are less skillfull; they contain more omissions and disproportions, in body concept, more limited contact features and weaker inappropriate use of clothing defenses. . LSD administration brings these extremes into sharper focus. While the controls are weakened, the stimulations are numberous and corallary increases; in acting out compulsions the anxiety of the schizophrenics increases to the point of disorganization. . In the normal group the man appears to be uneasy and strives to compensate for the loosening of controls and increase in stimulation which he experiences He fights relaxation, while the normal woman seems less threatened. She accepts and enjoys the heightened stimulation and precariousness of control with less strain to balance. . The decrease in skill is most pronounced in the normal woman, her psychotic counterpart, starting with less skill, looses least. Both male groups showed equal decline in skill.
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