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Jovanovic D, Kandic B, Kronja T. 
“Neka nasa iskustva u lecenju dusevnih bolesnika dietilamidom lizergicne kiseline (LSD-25). Preliminarno saopstenje. ”. 
Vojno-sanit.Pregl.. 1960;17:251-256.
Ten patients aged 21-30 who suffered from mental disease for 2-6 years (hebephrenia 1, catatonia 2, schizophrenia simplex 3, schizophrenic deficiency state 3, manic-depressive psychosis 1), received LSD and chlorpromazine after the method of Sandison and Whitelaw (See 329) once weekly for 5 weeks: 1-2 mcg/kg LSD orally as well as 90 minutes later 50 mg. chlorpromazine i.m. Four cases are described in detail, control tests were done in some normal persons. . The LSD effect set in after 30 minutes and reached its maximum after 90 minutes. The effects were different from case to case, in regard to psyche as well as the ANS. The normal control subjects reported more subjective effects than the psychiatric patients. All symptoms, including those which were desired for a lasting therapeutic effect, disappeared very rapidly, so that in none of the 10 patients was there a marked improvement of the mental disease. . No side or after effects. . (See also 804)
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