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Sankar S, Kopelman A, Schilder P, Gold E. 
“Effect of lysergic acid diethylamide on larval growth”. 
Nature. 1960;187:153.
Adult larvae of Tenebrio molitor (meal-worms) were divided in 2 groups of 13 each. Group I was given the basal diet alone, while group II was given the same diet with additional 2.5 mg. LSD per 10 Gm. of diet. The larvae were returned to fresh diet every week. The comparison of the growth-rates of these 2 groups shows the inhibitory effect of LSD on the growth of the larvae. . The toxic effect of LSD persists long after the withdrawal of the drug. Addition of reserpine did not reduce the effect of LSD on the growth of the larvae. . The mortality-rate after LSD and LSD + reserpine was usually 25 0n the first 4 weeks and none thereafter while no larvae died after the control diet. . The study shows that LSD with the food caused marked reduction in the growth of larvae of Tenebrio molitor which was not reversed by returning the larvae to normal diet.
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