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Domino EF. 
“Effects of LSD-25 on photic driving in monkeys with chronically implanted electrodes”. 
Electroencep. Clin. Neurophysiol.. 1960;12:264.
Monkeys with implanted electrodes in various cortical and subcortical areas were given 1-25 mcg/kg LSD i.v. With light flashes photic driving responses were elicited every 2-4 minutes in cortical area 17 (visual area). . Some variability of responses was observed. Doses as low as 2 mcg/kg caused photic driving responses in some animals, but the most consistent effects were seen after doses of 10 mcg/kg and higher. . Low voltage, fast frequency "flattening" of the EEG was noted within 2 minutes of i.v. administration of LSD. After 5 minutes the photic driving responses were reduced in amplitude and the potentials altered with multiple waves following the individual light flashes. . Partial recovery occurred after 1-2 hours and complete recovery within 12 hours; weekly administration produced some tolerance. . Control tests with locally instilled atropine, 100 mcg/kg BOL-148 or 0.5-1.0 mg/kg dexedrine i.v. did not show alterations in photic driving.
Notes # : (Central Ass. of Electroencephalographers, Chicago, Ill, Nov 21, 1959)
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