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Masuda M, Dorpat TL. 
“Urinary aromatic metabolites in normal subjects after LSD”. 
J. Nerv. Ment. Dis.. 1960;130:224.
Twenty-three students were given 1 mcg/kg LSD orally. The urinary metabolites were surveyed by semiquantitative paper chromatographic methods to find out if any alteration occurred and to compare the excretion of aromatic metabolites under the effect of LSD with that found in schizophrenia. The Dalgliesh method with Ehrlich's reagent as solvent identifies indoles and amines, that of Armstrong using diazolized sulfanilic cid, identifies phenolic acid. . A great number of aromatic metabolites (most of them unidentified) have been found in control investigations (45 according to Dalgliesh, 60 according to Armstrong). Several metabolites (unidentified) were markedly reduced in excretion (Dalgliesh system) during the height of the LSD intoxication. In the Armstrong system, all 9 metabolites of which the excretion was changed, were reduced during the height of the LSD effect while later significant increases of some metabolites set in. . The most noticeable alteration under LSD was the reduction of certain phenolic acids. In acute schizophrenia there was an increased indolic excretion which did not appear under LSD effect. . The authors' opinion is that "these dissimilarities of aromatic patterns do not support the hypothesis of similar or identical metabolic derangements in schizophrenia and LSD "psychosis"."
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