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Weckowicz TE. 
“The effect of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) on size constancy”. 
Canad. psychiat. Ass. J.. 1959;4:255.
Eighteen healthy volunteers aged 17-33 were given 35 mcg. LSD orally once and pure water twice (as control) 2 hours before the size constancy (ability to perceive the size of a rod in spite of the change of the distance) was investigated. . Sixteen subjects had a definite reaction to LSD (i.e. hallucinations, anxiety) and could tell whether they received the drug or pure water. After taking LSD somewhat more than after pure water the volunteers over-estimated the size of the rod at each distance (7.5 m and 15 m). A difference was in the intra-individual scatter of error at the shorter distance after LSD. This is in agreement with Boardman (See 392) that although the intra-individual variability of interval estimations increases in volunteers under LSD there is no over-estimation in time-intervals as found in schizophrenics. . Probably increased variability of performance is the first stage of an impaired homecstatic mechanism responsible for size constancy and larger doses of LSD produce a significant impairment.
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