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Zsigmond EK, Foldes FF, Foldes V. 
“The lack of correlation between the psychopharmacologic and anticholinesterase effect of LSD and its congeners.”. 
Fed. Proc.. 1960;19:266.
The inhibitory effect of D-LSD, its isomers (L-LSD, D-iso-LSD) and some of its congeners (LAE-32, BOL- 148 and LSM-775 [= d-lysergic acid morpholide]) on the hydrolysis of acetylcholine by human plasma cholinesterase and human red cells and on the hydrolysis of acetyl-B-methylcholine and butyrylcholine by human gray matter homogenate was investigated. . On cholinesterases no marked difference was observed between the inhibitory effect of LSD, LAE-32 and LSM-775 and the nonpsychotomimetic derivatives of lysergic acid (L-LSD, D-iso-LSD and BOL-148). Thus LAE-32 and LSM-775 have a lower inhibitory effect on brain cholinesterase than L-LSD, D-iso-LSD or BOL-148.
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