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Lebovits BZ, Visotsky HM, Ostfeld AM. 
“LSD and JB-318: A comparison of two hallucinogens. I. An exploratory study”. 
A.M.A. Arch. gen. Psychiat.. 1960;2:390.
In a double-blind study (with a battery of psychological tests), each of 10 healthy volunteers received on different days LSD (100 mcg. orally) and JB-318 (N-ethyl-3-piperidyl benzilate, 15 mg. orally. Differences between the two hallucinogens were: . Disturbances of perception: At the dosage employed, JB-318 was the more effective hallucinogen producing auditory hallucinations in 7 persons (LSD in 3 nly). Following LSD, geometric patterns were seen, lights appeared brighter and colors more vivid. Following JB-318, persons' faces and animals were seen, the images being often translucent. Colors tended to be drab. With both drugs, large surfaces seemed to be mobile, approaching or receding or covered with ripples etc. . Mood: The most important changes were anxiety and euphoria following LSD and anxiety following JB- 318. Emotions were more affected by LSD than by JB-318. . Body image, depersonalization: Following LSD, depersonalization, disturbances of change in body shape (plasticity) and weight occurred with about equal frequency. After JB-318, the only alteration of body image observed in more than one person was a feeling of change of body weight. . The tests evaluated in the present paper are the "Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory" and the "Jarvik Questionnaire". . Regarding mood changes there were marked differences between the two drugs. LSD produced "feelings of elation, optimism and euphoria" followed by despondency and dissatisfaction. Some subjects felt that "autonomous complexes" controlled their ideas and even aspects of their bodily processes, and this caused anxiety and despondency. After JB-318 the major affect was despondency while manic defenses and mood changes were almost absent. The "elation and motor restlessness so characteristic of LSD effects were never observed." There was also much less anxiety accompanying the difficulties in reality testing. [Further details see the original paper.] . Comment: Regarding a comparison of the effects of LSD and JB-318 on retinal function see 853.
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