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Hoffer A. 
“Mode of action of ergot hallucinogens.”. 
Molecules and Mental Health. 1959;p44-59.
100 to 300 mcg. LSD or 500 mcg. BOL-148 were given orally to adult volunteers (alcoholics, who received LSD as part of a therapeutic program and normal subjects). When used to potentiate adrenochrome 35 mcg. LSD was given orally followed by 10 mg. of adrenochrome i.v. 1 1/2 to 2 hours later. . After administration of LSD the adrenochrome level increased severalfold within 2 hours (from 69 to 151 mcg/liter in 9 normal volunteers and from 59 to 155 mcg/liter in 4 alcoholics (5 experiments). In 2 persons who who received LSD 4 hours before adrenochrome, the adrenochrome experience was potentiated by LSD. . BOL-148 did not elevate the adrenochrome level and did not have any psychotomimetic effect. . Ascorbic acid (4 Gm. daily) if given before and during LSD therapy did not alter the adrenochrome experience. Adrenochrome levels were elevated when ascorbic acid was given during LSD therapy. . Adrenolutin levels were increased by LSD but decreased when ascorbic acid was given in addition to LSD. The levels went up after injection of adrenochrome. . The author confirms the hypothesis that LSD is a psychotomimetic substance because it inhibits the destruction of adrenochrome. . Comment: In the discussion of this lecture the following remarks are of interest. Brodie thinks that the increase in adrenochrome blood level following LSD may be simply due to the effect that LSD, a central sympathetic stimulant, produced release of adrenalin from the adrenals. Adrenochrome is a degradation product of adrenalin (the latter statement is doubted by other participants in the discussion). . Elmadjian had administered through mcg. allergy to adrenalectomized schizophrenics. The patients had excreted no detectable amounts of epinephrine before or after LSD. However, norepinephrine excretion was increased from 2-3 mcg/hr to 5 mcg/hr. . According to Hoffer, adrenochrome is found in the brain. By Marrazzi the effect of LSD on cerebral synapses is about 300 times greater than that of adrenochrome. . Grenell remains by his experiments with LSD infused locally into the cerebral cortex of cats. (See 315)
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