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Oh JO, Evans CA. 
“Suppressive effects of pyrilamine maleate and d-lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD-25) on early corneal lesions produced in vitro by Newcastle disease virus (NDV) and counpound 48/80”. 
Virology. 1960;10:127-43.
In rabbits injection of various viruses or of substance 48/80 (releases histamine and serotonin (5-HT) into the anterior chamber of the eye, or trauma to the cornea produces characteristic (though nonspecific) lesions of the corneal endothelium ("rosette"-like arrangement of cells). Such lesions are also produced in vitro (enucleated rabbit eye suspended in rabbit aqueous humor) by injecting Newcastle disease virus (NDV) or substance 48/80 into the anterior chamber. . Pretreatment of the eye (in vitro) by injection of 100 mcg. pyrilamine (antihistamine) or 100 mcg. LSD (anti- 5-HT) or a mixture of both into the anterior chamber diminished the effect of subsequent NDV or 48/80 (25 mcg). Pyrilamine + LSD were much more effective than either substance alone and pyrilamine alone was more active than LSD alone. Pyrilamine + LSD reduced the number of 48/80-induced rosettes by 68-79% and that of NDV-induced rosettes by 74-89%. . Histamine and 5-HT often failed to produce rosettes. Thus additional factors may be involved in this reaction, or histamine and 5-HT may play no part at all in it and pyrilamine and LSD act by some mechanism other than specific antagonism.
Notes # : Dept Microbiol. University of Washington
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