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Buchel L, Lévy J. 
“Action protectrice de quelques amino-éthers alcooliques et phenoliques, X-0-(CH2)n(R)(R') sur le bronchospasme provoqué chez le cobaye par des aérosols d'histamine et de sérotonine.”. 
Therapie. 1960;15:148.
A certain amount of amino-ethers produced in the laboratory of the authors were studied for a protective effect of promazine and LSD. All the protective drugs were administered s.c. . Histamine-asthma: LSD (10 mcg/100 Gm.) had no protective effect. Promethazine 5 mcg/100 Gm.) produced complete protection (suppression of all symptoms) in 500f the animals and partial protection (persistence of mild dyspnea) in 50%. The most effective amino-ether offered a 400 times weaker protection than promethazine. . Serotonin-asthma: LSD (10 mcg/100 Gm.) protected 600f the animals completely and 400artially. Promethazine (100 mcg/100 Gm.) protected completely or partially 250f animals and failed in 25%, the dose of 5 mcg/100 Gm. was always ineffective. The amino-ethers were 500 times weaker than LSD and 50 times weaker than promethazine. The protection against 5-HT was the same in the animal not pretreated with reserpine.
Notes # : (Séance Soc. Franc. Thérap. & Pharmacodynm., 21/10/1959)
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