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Kintz P, Samyn N. 
“Determination of 'Ecstasy' components in alternative biological specimens”. 
J Chromatogr B Biomed Sci App. 1999 Oct 15;733(1-2):137-43.
This paper reviews procedures for the determination of methylenedioxyamphetamine derivatives, MDA, MDMA, MDEA and MBDB in saliva, sweat and hair. For this topic, the international literature appears very poor, particularly for saliva and sweat. MDMA was first reported in hair in 1993. All but one of the reviewed papers reported detection with GC-MS. No references seem to be available for both meconium and vitreous humor. As it has been already reported in these biological specimens, the parent drug is detected in higher concentrations than its metabolites. The main data on sample preparation, work-up, GC column, derivatization and analytical determination are listed. Several references, taken from the forensic practice are used to document the cases. Some new findings, based on the experience of the author, are also added. Some references, dealing with amphetamine and methamphetamine in alternative specimens are listed in the manuscript to give an overview on the stimulants detection.
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