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JDA Whitelaw. 
“A case of fetishism treated with lysergic acid diethylamide.”. 
J.Nerv.& Ment.Dis.. 1959;129:573.
The author describes the detailed history and treatment of a male patient (ages 33, teacher of mathematics and engineering at a technical school) who had been attracted by mackintoshes and other rubberized clothing for may years. The diagnosis was made of fetishism with masochism. He was treated with psychotherapy assisted by LSD (usually 100-125 mcg. [orally?] usually at weekly intervals on 32 occasions). . The patient had several LSD experiences with occasional hallucinations, alteration of body image and some relevant material had emerged. . The fetish significance and the pleasure in restriction was explained in relation to the oral phase of development and infancy. The impotence was elaborated in the context of the Oedipus situation. . The patient accepted the explanation and was satisfied with the insight he had gained into himself. He progressed in achieving sexual intercourse with his wife and reported regular and successful relations 1 1/2 years after cessation of LSD treatment. . This case is interesting in that the patient showed fetishism in a pure, uncomplicated form.
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