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Dhawan BN. 
“Effect of drugs on LSD-25 induced pyrexia in rabbits.”. therap.. 1959;123:186.
The effect of various groups of pharmacological agents has been studied on the pyretic response of rabbits to LSD (50 mcg/kg s.c.). The drugs were given simultaneously with LSD, except reserpine which was given one hour and chlorpromazine (Cpz) and promethazine which were given half an hour before LSD. . Both CNS stimulants, methamphetamine and metrazol, potentiated the pyretic response to LSD. The former more than the latter. . Two tranquilizers were tested. Cpz showed a marked antagonism to the LSD response. In animals pretreated with reserpine there was an initial rise of temperature and after two hours a fall of temperature below normal. . Of the two hypnotics tested, phenobarbital completely antagonized the LSD whereas chloral hydrate and sodium salicylate, one of the antipyretic agents, did not affect the temperature significantly. . The ganglionic and adrenergic blocking agents, hexamethonium and Dihydroergotamine-Sandoz (DHE), both caused a reduction in the pyretic response which was more marked in the case of DHE probably due to its central effect. . The muscle relaxants, d-tubocurarine and mephenesin, did not modify LSD pyrexia. . Antihistamines: The rise in temperature following LSD was reduced by prior administration of promethazine. Chlortrimeton did not alter the LSD pyrexia.
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