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Dhawan BN, Gupta GP. 
“LSD-25 antagonism of morphine analgesia”. therap.. 1959;123:132.
Investigations of the actions of LSD on the analgesic effect of morphine and methadone in rats by the hot plate method. Groups of animals received morphine or methadone alone or morphine (in various dosages) combined with 50, 200 and 500 mcg/kg LSD, or various doses of methadone with 250 mcg/kg LSD. . LSD remarkably antagonized the analgesic effect of morphine and methadone. . The Straub's tall phenomenon after 50 mg/kg morphine was increased by (200-500 mcg/kg) LSD. . The latency and duration of the analgesic effect of morphine were not changed by LSD. These findings suggest that LSD does not influence absorption or fate of morphine in the body. The available data give little clue as to the mechanism of the LSD morphine antagonism.
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