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Rojo M. 
“Therapéutica lisérgica en ciertos síndromes obsesivos y neurosis sexuales.”. 
Act.luso-esp.Neurol.. 1959;18:108.
The author discusses the drug treatment of different compulsive syndromes. He recommends the therapeutic use of LSD only for compulsive ideas (excluding cases simulating schizophrenia) and for sexual neuroses (i.e. masturbation). . Six patients suffering severely from compulsive ideas for a long time received 60-100 mcg. LSD [orally?] twice a week. The dosage had to be increased to 200-300 mcg. weekly because of tolerance. One case history is reported. . Five patients with continued masturbation received 1 tablet LSD-25 (25 mcg.) every other day at bedtime. One case is reported. . The treatment with LSD permitted all 11 patients to re-enter social life. . No serious side effects occurred, not even after treatment for one year. In some cases, development of urticaria made a short interruption of the treatment necessary.
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