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Isbell H. 
“Comparison of the Reactions Induced by Psilocybin and LSD-25 in Man”. 
Psychopharmacologia. 1959;1:29-38.
A comparison of the effects of 1.0-1.5 mcg/kg LSD orally, 57-114 mcg. Psilocybin orally and placebo in 9 normal subjects showed that LSD and Psilocybin elicited remarkably similar reactions. . Both LSD and Psilocybin increased body temperature, pulse rate, respiratory rate and systolic blood pressure and decreased the kneejerk threshold. . Both LSD and Psilocybin elicited abnormal mental states characterized by feelings of strangeness, difficulty in thinking, anxiety, altered sensory perception (particularly visual), hallucinations and alterations of body image. . The effects of Psilocybin did not persist as long as those of LSD. LSD is considered to be 100-150 times as potent as Psilocybin.
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