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Hofmann A. 
“Psychotomimetic drugs: Chemical and Pharmacological Aspects”. 
Acta Physiol. Pharmacol. Neerlandica. 1959;8:240-258.
The discovery of the psychotomimetic effect of LSD by Hofmann is outlined. LSD exerts a two-fold action: a predominant central sympathetic stimulation and slight depression. The mechanism involved in the psychotomimetic action is unknow. Pharmacological and clinical studies of LSD derivatives are being made. . The isolation of Psilocybin and its chemical and pharmacological properties are sketched. Both LSD and Psilocybin are indole derivatives substituted in position 4. A study is being made to determine whether position 4 is of importance for the psychotomimetic effect. Derivatives of Psilocybin are undergoing pharmacological and clinical trials.
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