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Brengelmann JC, Pare CMB, Sandler M. 
“Alleviation of the psychological effects of LSD in man by 5-hydroxytryptophan”. 
J.Ment.Sc.. 1958;104:1237.
The enhancement of LSD effects induced by reserpine pretreatment observed by Taeschler and Cerletti and Isbell and Logan may be due to depletion of 5-HT in the brain. Pretreatment with 5-hydroxytryptophane (5- HTP), a precursor of 5-HT, should therefore prevent the effects of LSD. Six normal subjects were given LSD (60 mcg. i.v.) on two occasions, being preceded by 25 mg. 5-HTP on one occasion and by placebo on the other. Subsequently they performed a series of psychological tests. One subject had a severe reaction lasting two days after LSD following pretreatment with 5-HTP (50 mg.). The experiment was discontinued but the findings in the remaining five cases are reported. . Clinical

FINDINGS: 5-HTP did not elicit any uniform change in the effect of LSD. . Biochemical

FINDINGS: Urinary chromatographs showed that 5-HTP was being metabolized throughout the experimental period. . Psychological tests: 5-HTP alone did not affect the psychological test scores but appeared to reduce the effect of LSD in all of the tests. (See 678)
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