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Ditman KW, Whittlesey JRB. 
“Comparison of the LSD-25 experience and delirium tremens”. 
Arch.Gen.Psychiat.. 1959;1:47.
Seventy psychiatric and non-psychiatric subjects given LSD (100 mcg. orally) and 20 cases of delirium tremens described their experience by sorting 300 cards, each bearing a statement relevant to the LSD experience or delirium tremens, and selecting 10 or less cards which depicted the essential features of the experience. . The LSD experience was characterized by euphoria, humor, relaxation and a sense of wonderment. . The delirium tremens experience was characterized by hallucinations, anxiety, depression, irritation and paranoid thoughts. Common to both experiences were: perceptual distortions, increased mental alertness, somatic discomfort, distorted affect and an apparent increased rate of thought.
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