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Balestrieri A. 
“Psychotrope Pharmaka und psychische Epilepsie. Erfahrungen mit Weckamin-Schock bei der psychomotorischen Epilepsie”. 
Nervenarzt. 1959;30:270.
Earlier investigations had shown that LSD elicits symptoms (hallucinations, thought blockade, agitation etc.) in cases of psychomotor epilepsy which resemble those seen during attacks. . Similar findings were noted in 4 of 7 cases of psychomotor epilepsy after large i.v. doses of amphetamine. LSD had been studied in all 4 cases, 3 of which were described in the earlier publication. The 4th patient was a 46 year old man with attacks of "ecstasy with a feeling of happiness" followed by abdominal pain and persistent headache. LSD elicited autonomic and perceptual disturbances (the patient saw "many things" "all white") and experienced his ecstasy. This ecstasy was also elicited by amphetamine, which also caused headache, drowsiness and disorientation.
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