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Leuner M. 
“Experimenteller Beitrag zum Widerspruch der Auffassungen von der Schizophrenie-Benese”. 
IInd International Congress for Psychiatry, Congress Report. 1959;II:310.
Twelve severe neurotics were treated with LSD (doses of 30-700 mcg. [orally ?]; maximum of 50 treatments) following psycho-analytical treatment. In this way, the author gained experience of 260 model psychoses. . In addition to the typical LSD effect, there were some similarities with schizophrenics given psychotherapy: increased mental sensitivity; increased transference; tendency to spontaneous symbolism; and, in particular, a beneficial therapeutic effect by direct analysis and symbolical wish-fulfillment. . It is concluded that the hypothesis of a biochemical autotoxic origin of schizophrenia does not rule out the possibility of a response to psychotherapy. On the other hand, a good response to psychotherapy does not rule out the possible involvement of biochemical factors in schizophrenia.
Notes # : Orig.s.Buch, Standart w.B.
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