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Cutting W, Baslow M, Read D, Furst A. 
“The use of fish in the evaluation of drugs affecting the central nervous system.”. 
J.Clin.& Exper.Psychopath.. 1959;20:26.
The effects of various drugs acting on the central nervous system were studied in 3 species of fish, i.e. guppy (Lebistes reticulatus), the Mexican blind cave fish (Anoptichthys hubbsi) and the common goldfish (Carassius auratus). Tranquilizers, stimulants, psychotomimetics, autonomic drugs, sedatives and depressants produced reactions which have their counterpart in the reactions produced in mice and in higher animals. Thus, LSD caused the guppy fish to turn dark, goldfish to float at the surface, swim backward, etc. and blind cave fish to swim in small circles. In some instances it was possible to observe characteristic differences between drugs of the same pharmacological type. Fish may therefore be useful as test objects for the assessment of new drugs acting on the CNS.
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