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Waser PG, Itzbicki M. 
“Der Einfluss verschiedener Psychopharmaka auf den Bluthistamingehalt von Ratten.”. 
Experientia. 1959;15:197.
The histamine content of blood of young rats (150-200 Gm.) was 0.185 mcg/ml and that of older rats (250- 350 Gm.) was 0.236 mcg/ml. The plasma of the young rats contained the surprisingly high amount of 0.071 mcg/ml histamine. . The effect of various drugs (ether, chloroform, reserpine, chlorpromazine, numal, iproniazid, amphetamine, mescaline and LSD) was studied in groups of 16-18 rats weighing 150-200 Gm. at the time when the drug effect reached a peak. . The plasma concentration of histamine was slightly decreased by mescaline, ether and chloroform. It was reduced by 40% two hours after LSD. It was increased by reserpine, chlorpromazine, numal, iproniazid and emphetamine.
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