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Glow PH. 
“Some aspects of the effects of acute reserpine treatment on behavior.”. 
J.Neurol.Neurosurg.& Psychiat.. 1959;22:11.
The behavior of rats (hunger-motivated running for food) was not markedly altered by reserpine (up to 5 mg/kg or more i.p.) unless the 5-HT and noradrenalin concentrations in the brain were markedly reduced. . Atropine antagonized the extrapyramidal disorder (tremor, apparent paralysis of limbs) but did not normalize behavior. The latter is therefore not of locomotor origin. Ritalin transiently antagonized the effects of reserpine, probably via central sympathetic stimulation. . The behavioral disturbance elicited by LSD (62.5 or 250 mcg/kg i.p.) was intensified and prolonged by reserpine, possibly due to a decrease in the brain concentration of 5-HT. This reduced cerebral concentration of 5-HT is due to an inhibition of the binding of 5-HT with a simultaneous increase in metabolism (production and degradation), i.e. the activity of 5-HT is increased. The effect of LSD is therefore due to its antagonism to 5-HT.
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