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Cohen S, Eisner BG. 
“Use of Lysergic acid diethylamide in a psychotherapeutic setting”. 
Arch.Neurol.Psychiat.. 1959 May;81(5):615 - 619.
Twenty-nine patients with conditions ranging from depressive states to borderline schizophrenia were given weekly or bi-weekly treatment with LSD orally. Dosage was started at 25 mcg. and built up in increments of 25 mcg. to 100 or 150 mcg. The number of treatments ranged from 1 to 16 (average 4.6). The results were evaluated in 22 cases followed up for 6 to 17 months. The remaining 7 cases were not evaluated, as the follow-up period was less than 6 months. . During the sessions one therapist was in constant attendance. During intensive abreactions, it was helpful to have a male and a female therapist present. Music and other aids (photographs, mirror) were used to potentiate the drug action. . Improvement (assessed by the 2 therapists and a person in close contact with the patient) was noted in 16 cases (70%) and was not restricted to any one diagnostic category. However, inadequate schizoid personalities made a poor response. . The potential dangers of LSD (suicide, depression and delayed after-effects) are pointed out.
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