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Zsigmond EK, Foldes FF, Foldes V, Erdos EG. 
“The in vitro inhibitory effect of d'lysergic acid (LSD) and its congeners on human cholinesterases.”. 
Federation Proc.. 1959;18:463.
"It was previously reported that LSD (Thompson et al) and d-2-brom-lysergic acid diethylamide (BOL-148) inhibit human plasma cholinesterase (PChE). Thompson, however, found that LSD had little inhibitory effect on human brain PrChe, and red cell cholinesterase (RChE). The present investigation of the inhibitory effect of LSD, BOL-148 and d-lysergic acid morpholide (LSM) on the hydrolysis of acetylcholine (ACh), butyrylcholine (BuCh) and acetyl-B-methylcholine (MeCh) by human PCHE, RChe and BrChE revealed that in contrast to the findings of Thompson, LSD and BOL-148 inhibited significantly both true-and pseudocholinesterases. With ACh substrate, the I50 values of LSD, BOL-148 and LSM for PChE were 1.4x10-6M, 4.9x10-6M, and 1.4x10-4M respectively. The corresponding values for RChE and PrChE were one to two orders higher: 4.9x10-5M, 6.8x10-5M and 1.5x10-3M with RChE, and 6.3x10-5M, 3.0x10-5M and 3.1x10-3M with BrChE. The I50 values for PChE with BuCh and BrChE and RChE with MeCh paralleled those found with ACh substrate."
Notes # : (Amer. Soc. for pharmacol. & exp. therap., Atlantic City, NJ, Apr 13-17, 1959)
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