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Slaytor M, Pennefather JN, Wright SE. 
“Metabolites of LSD and ergonovine.”. 
Experientia. 1959;15:111.
Extracts of bile collected from rats after 3 mg/kg LSD i.v. and run on paper chromatograms revealed, in addition to LSD, two metabolites of LSD, metabolite A and metabolite B. Metabolite A was present in much larger quantites than metabolite B. . Both metabolite A and B inhibited 5-hydroxytryptamine on the isolated rat uterus. Metabolite A was approximately 20 times weaker than LSD. Preliminary chemical studies suggest that the metabolites are hydroxylated and conjugated derivatives of LSD. . The same method was used to detect two metabolites of ergonovine. These are lysergic acid derivatives. They were not studied further.
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