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Isbell H. 
“Effects of various drugs on the LSD reaction”. 
Psychopharmacology Frontiers. 1959;p361.
A double-blind study was made to determine whether various drugs blocked or reversed the effects of LSD. . Chlorpromazine: 50-100 mg. [route?] significantly blocked the effect of 40-60 mcg. LSD in 39 trials. The effect of 60-150 mcg. LDS was significantly reversed by 25 mg. chlorpromazine i.m. The effect of 60 mcg. LSD was not significantly reversed by 75 mg. chlorpromazine orally. . Reserpine did not significantly block the effects of LSD. Large doses of reserpine + LSD seemed to elicit a more intense reaction than LSD alone. . Azacyclonol exerted absolutely no blocking or reversal effect. . Scopolamine did not block the effect of LSD. . Amphetamine did not block the effect of LSD. . BOL-148 in large doses elicited a very mild LSD-like reaction. It did not block the effect of LSD when given simultaneously with the latter. Pre-treatment with BOL-148 for 3 days tended to block the effect of LSD but the blocking effect was not significant. Four of the 8 subjects were resistant to 2 mcg/kg LSD. . BAS (benzyl analogue of serotonin) did not reverse the LSD reaction although it markedly reduced the elevated blood pressure levels.
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