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Giberti F, Gregoretti L. 
“Contributo alla conoscenza dell'isterismo mediante l'impiego di farmaci psicomimetici.”. 
Arch. psicol. neurol.. 1959;20:171.
Twelve cases of hysteria (3 males and 9 females aged 18 to 37) were given LSD (on a total of 26 occasions) for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes; 5 patients were also given LAE-32. [Dosage 100 mcg. LSD orally and 0.5 mg. LAE-32 i.m.?] . LSD elicited reactions which made more clear the hysterical personality structure: on the one hand mythomanic tendencies, flights of phantasy and visual experience of personal and environmental problems and, on the other hand, a flight into a "pathomimic state" with dramatic exaggeration of personal disease. Thus LSD is a valuable aid for structural analytical differential diagnosis and indicates the line to be followed in psychotherapy. . In the few experiments in which it was used LAE-32 elicited reactions which as yet do not permit conclusions to be drawn. . (See 108, 321, 343, 398, 444, and 525)
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