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Rof Carballo J, González Morado A. 
“Experiencia clínica con la dietilamida del ácido lisérgico (DAL).”. 
Bol.Inst.pat.méd.. 1958;13:271-280.
This paper, which briefly reviews the clinical literature on LSD, is a preliminary communication on observations which may be summarized as follows: . 1) LSD is useful for facilitating affective contact with the patient and for eliciting repressed material. The use of LSD makes it possible to save time in hospitalized patients who cannot be subjected to prolonged analytical psychotherapy. However, in certain cases, LSD elicits unpleasant sensations, e.g. anxiety, and its effects are not uniform. . 2) In some cases, LSD has produced a complete and inexplicable change in the symptoms: LSD diminished anxiety experienced by a pederast and restored his behavior to normal. . This paper contains drawings made by an artist representing hallucinations experienced after 50 mcg. LSD orally. . No statistics.
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