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Carlson VR. 
“Effect of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD-25) on the absolute visual threshold”. 
J. comp. physiol. Psychol.. 1958;51:528-531.
The effect of LSD (50 or 100 mcg. i.v.) on visual threshold was determined in 9 normal subjects. An adaptometer was employed for separate determinations of the photopic (central) threshold and the acotopic (peripheral) threshold. [The cones in the center of the retina are active in bright light and are sensitive to color as well as to white light. The rods in the periphery of the retina function in dim light, registering colorless sensations only.] . LSD raised the absolute visual threshold, the effect on photopic vision being greater than that on scotopic vision. The effect of LSD was not due to its mydriatic action, inattention, inability to concentrate or interfering hallucinations. It was consistent with inhibition of synaptic transmission in the cortex.
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