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Costa E, Zetler G. 
“Interactions between epinephrine and some psychotomimetic drugs”. 
J. Pharmacol. & Exper. Therap.. 1959;125:230-236.
A preliminary report of these findings has already been made. It had been found that LSD and LSM (in doses which did not affect the nictitating membrane), as well as BOL-148, ALD-52, LAE-32, Gynergen and Dihydroergotamine-Sandoz potentiated the adrenalin-induced contraction of the nictitating membrane. The present paper shows that Methergine also potentiated this effect of adrenalin even in doses as low as 1.6 mcg/kg i.v. High doses of Gynergen (78 mcg/kg i.v.) and Dihydroergotamine-Sandoz (72.5 mcg/kg i.v.) inhibited the effect of adrenalin. In the case of LSD and Methergine, even high doses (100 and 125 mcg/kg respectively) potentiated the effect of adrenalin.
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