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Stähelin H, Taeschler M. 
“Beitrag zur Differenzierung der Fieberwirkung von Lipopolysaccharid-Pyrogen und D- Lysergsäurediäthylamid (LSD).”. 
Helvet.physiol.pharmacol.acta. 1959;17:23.
An attempt was made to differentiate between the pyrogenic effects of LSD and a purified lipo- polysaccharide from S.abortus equi (Pyrexal) in rabbits and rats. . Low concentrations of Pyrexal caused typical morphological changes in fibroblasts in vitro, a factor enhancing the pyrogenic effect being simultaneously liberated LSD was about 3,000 times less effective and its cytotoxic action on fibroblasts was different to that of pyrexal. The pyrogenic effect of LSD was not enhanced by incubation with fibroblasts or blood. . Pyrexal did not markedly induce hyperthermia in rats. By contrast, low doses of LSD (30 to 500 mcg/kg) caused a fall in body temperature, whereas higher doses (2,000 mcg/kg) increased temperature. LSD exerted the same effect in rabbits rendered tolerant to pyrexal, whereas the effect of pyrexal. in rabbits tolerated to LSD was enhanced. Rats showed tolerance to the pyrogenic effect of LSD but not to the hypothermic effect. . It is possible that pyrexal liberates an endogenous pyrogen. By contrast, LSD exerts a direct pyrogenic effect which is probably localized in the diencephalon.
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