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Hoffman RA. 
“Effect of LSD-25 on body temperature of pigeons.”. 
Am.J.Physiol.. 1958;195:747.
Subcutaneous injection of LSD (1 to 1000 mcg/kg) in 103 pigeons reduced body temperature. The effect was maximum after 1 to 2 hours. Temperature returned towards normal after 4 to 6 hours. One hour after injection the temperature decrease showed a straight-line relationship to the log of the dose between 1 and 250 mcg/kg. . Oxygen consumption and heart rate decreased and breathing rate increased simultaneously with the hypothermic effect. The decrease in temperature is therefore due to reduced heat production and increased heat loss. . BOL 148 (250 mcg/kg) did not produce marked rapid hypothermia but did decrease temperature somewhat. However, the values remained within the normal, diurnal range of body temperature in the pigeon.
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