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Mörsdorf K, Bode HH. 
“Zur Beeinflussung der permeabilitätssteigernden Wirkung des Serotonins durch verschiedenartige Pharmaka.”. 
Arch. internat. pharmacodyn.. 1959;118:292.
The i.v. Evans blue technique was employed to demonstrate that the s.c. injection of 0.1 mcg of 5- hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) into the paw of the rat produces a local increase in capillary permeability. Various anti-inflammatory, central sedative or anti-5-HT drugs were injected s.c. 60 min. before 5-HT (chlorpromazine, Tofranil and LSD were given 15 min. before 5-HT, and phenobarbital was given 30 min. before 5-HT). . The 5-HT-induced increase in permeability was very markedly inhibited by chlorpromazine (1-25 mg/kg) and to a lesser extent by aminopyrine and Tofranil (50 mg/kg), and was moderately inhibited by aspirin, antipyrine, LSD (100 mcg/kg) and Tofranil (5 mg/kg). . Calcium-Sandoz (500 mg/kg), sodium salicylate, Synopen, LSD (10 mcg/kg) and phenobarbital exerted a very slight inhibiting effect. . Phenylbutazone exerted no inhibiting effect.
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