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Bishop PO, Field G, Hennessy BL, Smith JR. 
“Action of d-lysergic acid diethylamide on lateral geniculate synapses.”. 
J.Neurophysiol.. 1958;21:529.
The effect of LSD (5 mcg-lmg) on the potentials associated with synaptic transmission in the lateral geniculate body was studied in 45 cats, some cats receiving more than one injection. . LSD had no effect on the latency or amplitude of the pre-synaptic spike. . LSD depressed and, in larger doses, blocked transmission through the lateral geniculate. The effect was completely reversible. No excitatory effect was seen. . LSD reduced the amplitude of the local synaptic potential below the threshold for initiation of the propagated action potential. . LSD depressed or completely inhibited the repetitive discharge of the geniculate neurons caused by a large fibre optic tract volley. . BOL-148, bufotenin, mescaline and 5-hydroxytryptamine all blocked synaptic transmission in the lateral geniculate to varying degrees. A report on these investigations will be published later. . In the conscious cat about 1 mg/kg LSD i.v. probably caused blindness or at least marked impairment of vision with very much less effect on general bodily activities.
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