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Ostfeld AM, Visotsky HM, Lebovits BZ. 
“A comparison of the psychotomimetic effects of scopolamine, lysergic acid diethylamide and N-ethyl-3- piperidyl benzylate (JB 318).”. 
Clin. Res.. 1958;6:416.
The psychic effects of LSD (25-100 mcg orally), scopolamine (0.5-4.5 mg. orally) and JB 318 (5-20 mg orally) were compared in ten normal subjects by means of tape-recorded interviews and psychological tests. . LSD induced hallucinations [in one case?], anxiety, suspiciousness, hyperactivity and hyperreflexia. In the psychological tests it increased isolation, fantasy and bizarre ideation. . Scopolamine induced visual hallucinations (in 3 cases), confusion, disorientation and somnolence or sleep. In the psychological tests it markedly reduced attention span and recent recall. . JB 318 induced visual and auditory hallucinations (in 5 cases). Anxiety, suspiciousness and hyperreflexia were less marked than after LSD. Drowsiness and diminished recent recall were more pronounced than after LSD. In the psychological tests the increase in isolation, fantasy and bizarre ideation was less than after LSD.
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