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Brengelmann JC, Laverty SG, Lewis DJ. 
“Differential effects of lysergic acid and sodium amytal on immediate memory and expressive movement”. 
J. Ment. Sc.. 1958;104:144-152.
In the recall version of the Figure Reconstruction Test (FRT) the subject is shown a card with five geometrical figures situated at various intervals from a central circle. He then has to draw the figures from memory. The whole test comprises ten cards with various arrangements of the figures. . On the basis of previous studies with the FRT in schizophrenics and other subjects and in the assumption that LSD induced schizophrenia-like symptoms, it was predicted that: . 1) Error in the size and position of the figures would be higher under LSD than under sodium amytal. . 2) The variability in expressive movement, i.e. irregularity in reproduction of the figures, would be greater under LSD than under sodium amytal. . 3) The differences in the distances of the five figures from the central circle, i.e. their "spread", under the influence of LSD and sodium amytal would be approximately the same or would be smaller under LSD than under sodium amytal. . These findings were confirmed in six normal subjects given i.v. injection of LSD (100 mcg) or sodium amytal (0.38-0.5 g) prior to the recall version of the FRT. The sodium amytal was injected as 0.5 mg/kg/ml at a rate of ml/40 sec. over 20-35 minutes.
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