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Hoch PH. 
“Psychoses-producing and psychoses-relieving drugs.”. 
Res. Publ. Ass. Nerv. Ment. Dis.. 1958;36:335-346.
A review is given of studies made in normal and psychotic subjects with LSD, mescaline and other psychosis-producing drugs. The antagonism of such drugs as chlorpromazine is mentioned. The psychosis- producing drugs elicit only a mild reaction in patients receiving chlorpromazine treatment. This preventive action of chlorpromazine is being studied. . Those drugs relieving experimental psychoses are not necessarily the most effective in the treatment of non- experimental psychoses. Tranquilizers suppress the symptoms but do not affect the basic structure of the symptomms - they may therefore have to be taken indifinitely. . See also No. 480, No. 256, No. 230, No. 96, No. 413, No. 13.
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