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Irányi J, Fráter R. 
“Lysergsavas diaethylamiddal (LSD) kiváltott kísérletes psychosisok. (Experimentelle Auslösung einer Psychose durch LSD).”. 
Orv. hétil.. 1957;98:1115-1120.
47 studies of the effects of LSD (10-150 mcg orally) were made in 29 psychiatric patients (15 females and 14 males), including 21 schizophrenics. Four personal studies were made of the effects of LSD (10-60 mcg.) . Psychiatric

PATIENTS: LSD elicited a marked psychosis of the acute exogenous reaction type in only 11 cases. LSD produced no changes in oscillometry values. LSD exerted no therapeutic effect. Although LSD intensified pre-existing symptoms, it is not considered to be of any value for differential diagnosis. . Personal studies: LSD always elicited a mild psychosis of the acute exogenous reaction type.
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