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Bockoven JS. 
“Explorations in psychotherapy”. 
Arch. Neurol. Psychiatr.. 1958;80:520-527.
The similarity between schizophrenia and the LSD-induced psychosis suggested that psychotherapeutic methods developed for the treatment of the former might be of value in the latter. A report is given of the experiences, as psychotherapists, of 5 psychiatrists and one sociologist with 15 subjects, mostly normal subjects, who had been given LSD. . Relief of the LSD-induced symptoms was limited to those instances in which the therapist acted on an impulse to take care of an actue emergency situation. Such interviews were more spontaneous than usual. . Investigative and reticent therapists made the symptoms worse. The "self-revealing" therapist, who discusses his own experiences (four had taken LSD previously) and compared them with those of the subject gave a greater feeling of reality and security.
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